Tuesday, October 27, 2009

what is the lasted Kernel of R4i-SDHC ?

what is the lasted Kernel of R4i-SDHC ? The V1.11b Kernel ?

No ! The lasted Kernel of R4i-SDHC is V1.12b----updated on Oct 23.2009 .

The R4i-SDHC is the one of to be compatible with DSi V1.4, meanwhile supports SDHC memory cards as well . The Card with V1.4 mark can be support NDSi console harware and sofware update and upgrade.

The lasted Kernel of R4i SDHC updated to V1.12b on Oct 23.2009 . it support multilateral language : France,English,Korean,Spanish,Japanese,German,ITALIAN , Dutch .

and they office website provide 3 Download address: Italy , Germany and USA .make sure you can download the kernel smoothly and quickly .

you can download directly from the office website or the below linke :

But there is a disadvantage of the R4i-SDHC .

The Card without with V1.4 mark can not be support NDSi console V1.4 temporary ,we suggest don't upgrade V1.4 version by network ,to avoid causing cannot use .

This brand-new upgrade R4i SDHC card can support DSi console v1.4 and all the latest games.the whole market'reflection confirmed that the R4i-SDHC is good choice for DSi firmware 1.4 .

you can get one at usd16.97 /w shipping from :

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