Tuesday, October 27, 2009

R4i Gold has been confirmed to be support on DSi firmware 1.4

which kinds of r4i dsi card can work on DSi firmware 1.4 ?which is the better choice for DSi firmware 1.4 ?

In the whole Market ,there are two kinds r4i card have been been confirmed to be support DSi firmware 1.4 --R4i Gold and R4i SDHC(Red box) .

in fact, R4i Gold is the first one to be compatible with DSi V1.4,meanwhile supports SDHC memory cards as well!

The Lastet Kernel Version:v1.30 of R4i Gold release on Sep 19, 2009 .it support multilateral language : France,English,Korean,Spanish,Japanese,German,ITALIAN .you can download directly from the office website or the below linke :


But there is a disadvantage of the R4i Gold.

1. The R4i Gold Card shipped by 10th of August will be used normallly.

2. The R4i Gold can not upgrade V1.4 by network before the 10 ,August 2009. The third-party accessories will be shielded by firmware of V1.4 version ,resulting of can not be used situation.

the whole market'reflection confirmed that the R4i Gold is best choice for DSi firmware 1.4 .

you can get one at usd15.97 /w shipping charge from :http://www.selloffaccessories.com/r4i-revolution-for-dsi-gold-version-r4idscom-p-505.html

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