Sunday, May 4, 2008

DS Linker Release two Packpage

DS Linker Release two packpage. The Functions as before:

The DSLinker is a revolutionary storage, homebrew and media player flash cart compatible with all DS Lite and original DS consoles.
The DSLinker does NOT require the use of a passme, external memory, the same size as an ordinary DS cart.
Its plug and play in its finest hour, the DS writer like a GBA cartridge can be very easy to write game into DSLinker built-in memory 8GBit (1Gbyte), 16GBit (2Gbyte).

  • Original Size: Insert into DS Slot 1 without any stick out.

  • Boot from DS slot 1 directly: Do NOT need any passme/flashme. DSLinker can be also a SuperKey or PassCard, if wirte the SuperKey or PassCard program in it.

  • Built-in memory design: Included 1GBit (128-Mbyte), 4GBit (512-Mbyte), 8GBit (1Gbyte) NAND flash memory inside. It's the same as USB Disk flash memory, so it's very fast. About 512KByte/sec writting speed.

  • Clear ROM support directly: Do not need any patch, totally support clear ROM, faultlessly support the games in the feature. Game compatibility up to 100%.

  • Soft RESET support: Do not need to turn off the power to select another game, press L+R+A+B+X+Y reset to main menu.

  • Multi-games Support: A pretty touch menu to select the game. The game can be added or deleted freely, it's very easy to change new game or keep the favorable.

  • Easy to use, Plug'n Play:With the DSLinker Writer, DSLinker will like a U-Disk, the only thing you need to do is copy the game into the U-Disk, insert into DS/DSL and play.

  • Micro firmware, easy upgrade.

  • For Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite only: Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable.

  • No software required : No software required, just Drag'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.

  • Supports Multiplayer WiFi gameplay.

  • Multi-media player supports MP3's, video and Text!

  • No game file conversion required.

  • For Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite

  • DS Linker Ex Packpage:

    DS Linker Slot-2 Lite Size Packpage:

    Itouch DS Slot-1 Flash Card, Support SDHC Memory Card

    ItouchDS introduce a new concept to NDS gaming. Now you will be able to launch your favorite Homebrew and games with a touch of a button. iTouchds features a system which will allow you to create custom shortcuts pointing to any homebrews or games. These shortcuts will appear in the iFav menu from here you will be able to access, run and manage your shortcuts

    Features Chart
  • Support SDHC MicroSD
  • SupportHomebrew Applications
  • SupportDownload Play
  • SupportCheat Engine
  • SupportMulti-Language
  • SupportCustom Skins
  • SupportSoftreset Function

    General Features
  • Plug and play feature for it is easy to use.
  • 100% Game compatibility.
  • Automatically detect and generate game save file.
  • Built in cheat engine.
  • Fully customizable skin interface.
  • Supports both the Micro SDHC and MicroSD. (Capacity over 4GB)
  • Supports homebrew applications.
  • Supports software reset function.
  • Supports Multi-Language.
  • Supports Download Play.
  • Single-chip solution, highest level of stability & lowest power consumption..
  • Support Multi-Language: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Thai Language.

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