Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hori NDS Lite Charger

Hori Will release this DSL Charger at this Month.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Fashionable handbag for Wii Fit console

Look, It's very presentability.


  • Made from high quality material for preventing attack.
  • 270 degree twin direction slid fasterner, easy to keep and take the console out.
  • With streamline designed, stylish and pretty, easy to take.
  • Specialize designed for Wii Fit.

The R4 Have release the New v1.18 kernel

The R4 Team have release the Newly Kernel, V1.18,

Solved 2203, 2219, 2240, 2250 problem.

Download the V1.18 Kernel at here:

Thanks , R4 Team, You are not forgot us.

Some reseller get a letter from Nintendo

Some Reseller that sell the R4 at NL Get a letter from Nintendo.

Let's us keep eyes on this.

MicroSD TF Transfer to MS-adapter cards

The PhotoFast manufacturers recently introduced a high-capacity adapter cards, known as the microsdhc. Can Transfer microSD to MS-adapter cards. Can be used in PSP1000 or PSP2000, also can be used in cell phones, cameras or other equipment to support the MS card above.

There are still have others card can Transfer the MicroSD TF To MS, We have find some at the market, Can formart the 8G TF Card ON PSP by this Transfer Card. Wholesale please send us a Email.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Important News about the R4

At the market, there have a lot of Flash card. But at the moment, the best one should be the R4.
So this year, a lot of fake Flash Card, such as R4 Updated, R4 II take the R4 Brand to Luanch to the Market. But why the R4 Team not indicate this cards are fakes?

There are many news about this, the Main one is the R4 Team May be will leave this Market.

Why running the store:

We are base in China, And have enough time and ability to do the market , Though we are just release some video game accessories, But if you want any others Consume Electronics accessories, You can straight Email us.

What's we can offer to you:
Best Services, 24 Hours online, Email will be reply in 12 hours
Lower price,
Each order will be delay with in 12 hours.
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