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Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM Drive for Xbox 360(MS28)

Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM Drive for Xbox 360

Product Description

Is the DVD drive in your Xbox 360 not working? Replace your broken drive with a brand new Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM Drive for Xbox 360! Key features include a 16x DVD read speed, 48x CD read speed and a 512 KB buffer!


Replacement DVD drive for your Xbox 360 game system

16x maximum read speed (DVD)

48x maximum read speed (CD)

512 KB buffer

SATA interface

Input Rating: 12V, 1.3A ; 5V, 06A

Regulatory Approvals: cULus, TUV, Nemko, MIC

Model: TS-H943

P/N: X800473-019

 Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM Drive for Xbox 360

 Samsung TS-H943 DVD-ROM Drive for Xbox 360


These replacement DVD-ROM drives should only be installed by trained technicians! Improper installation of these replacement DVD-ROM drives may result in permanent damage to the Xbox 360 console and game discs.

A PC is required to retrieve the lock code from the drive currently in the Xbox 360. The locking procedure requires a flashing of the new drives firmware. If this flashing is done incorrectly, the drive will no longer work.

D2B DVD Drive for Wii Console

D2B DVD Drive for Wii Console


This is a D2B DVD drive for Nintendo Wii.

1.This is refurished DVD drive D2B for Wii, which is perfectly used for replace your faulty Drive.

2.It has been tested with reading Sport for Wii and works perfect.

3.Replacement Wii drive taken out of wii that had mainboard problems

4.Fully tested played wii and gamecube games for multiple hours just fine with normal load times.
Well Protected Package.

Package :

1xNintendo Wii DVD Drive with D2B

 D2B DVD Drive for Wii Console

 D2B DVD Drive for Wii Console

Compatible with:

This is a DVD Drive for Nintendo Wii only

AK2i For Acekard DSI

AceKard 2i Flash Card


Compatible with DSi, DSL, IDSL, DS and IDS
Perfect compatibility. No need to convert, No need to flash!
Save file is written directly to TF card. No need to manually select save size, nodata loss.
Automatic DLDI patching. Run homebrew programs without converting.
Support soft-reset, Download Play and WiFi gaming!
Support SDHC TF card. Virtually unlimited storage size !
Support any brand of TF, with no slowdown!
Support Action Replay cheats . Build-in editor!
Low power consumption for longer operational time!
Built-in multiple languages and DIY skinning!


Acekard 2i *1

 AceKard 2i Flash Card

 AceKard 2i Flash Card


You should buy extra card reader due to there is no card reader in the original packaging.
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