Sunday, May 4, 2008

DS Linker Release two Packpage

DS Linker Release two packpage. The Functions as before:

The DSLinker is a revolutionary storage, homebrew and media player flash cart compatible with all DS Lite and original DS consoles.
The DSLinker does NOT require the use of a passme, external memory, the same size as an ordinary DS cart.
Its plug and play in its finest hour, the DS writer like a GBA cartridge can be very easy to write game into DSLinker built-in memory 8GBit (1Gbyte), 16GBit (2Gbyte).

  • Original Size: Insert into DS Slot 1 without any stick out.

  • Boot from DS slot 1 directly: Do NOT need any passme/flashme. DSLinker can be also a SuperKey or PassCard, if wirte the SuperKey or PassCard program in it.

  • Built-in memory design: Included 1GBit (128-Mbyte), 4GBit (512-Mbyte), 8GBit (1Gbyte) NAND flash memory inside. It's the same as USB Disk flash memory, so it's very fast. About 512KByte/sec writting speed.

  • Clear ROM support directly: Do not need any patch, totally support clear ROM, faultlessly support the games in the feature. Game compatibility up to 100%.

  • Soft RESET support: Do not need to turn off the power to select another game, press L+R+A+B+X+Y reset to main menu.

  • Multi-games Support: A pretty touch menu to select the game. The game can be added or deleted freely, it's very easy to change new game or keep the favorable.

  • Easy to use, Plug'n Play:With the DSLinker Writer, DSLinker will like a U-Disk, the only thing you need to do is copy the game into the U-Disk, insert into DS/DSL and play.

  • Micro firmware, easy upgrade.

  • For Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite only: Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable.

  • No software required : No software required, just Drag'n Drop file from PC to flash memory card.

  • Supports Multiplayer WiFi gameplay.

  • Multi-media player supports MP3's, video and Text!

  • No game file conversion required.

  • For Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite

  • DS Linker Ex Packpage:

    DS Linker Slot-2 Lite Size Packpage:

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