Sunday, May 4, 2008

Itouch DS Slot-1 Flash Card, Support SDHC Memory Card

ItouchDS introduce a new concept to NDS gaming. Now you will be able to launch your favorite Homebrew and games with a touch of a button. iTouchds features a system which will allow you to create custom shortcuts pointing to any homebrews or games. These shortcuts will appear in the iFav menu from here you will be able to access, run and manage your shortcuts

Features Chart
  • Support SDHC MicroSD
  • SupportHomebrew Applications
  • SupportDownload Play
  • SupportCheat Engine
  • SupportMulti-Language
  • SupportCustom Skins
  • SupportSoftreset Function

    General Features
  • Plug and play feature for it is easy to use.
  • 100% Game compatibility.
  • Automatically detect and generate game save file.
  • Built in cheat engine.
  • Fully customizable skin interface.
  • Supports both the Micro SDHC and MicroSD. (Capacity over 4GB)
  • Supports homebrew applications.
  • Supports software reset function.
  • Supports Multi-Language.
  • Supports Download Play.
  • Single-chip solution, highest level of stability & lowest power consumption..
  • Support Multi-Language: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Thai Language.

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