Sunday, January 4, 2009

EZVi Flash Card for NDSI,DSL (Standard Edition)

EZVi Flash (Standard Edition)


1. Use for NDSI,DSL
2. 1:1 original card size, side loading.
3. Use MicroSD(Trans Flash) as external storage, cheap and various usage.
4. Direct boot, no need another boot card or flash your DS. EZ5 also can be used as bootcard.
5. Moonshell integrated bootloader, direct watch DPG movie, listen to MP3, read TXT book in loader.
6. Bootloader can be full customized, included skin and function, bootloader sourcecode almost full opened.
7. Dual read mode: CLEAN and HYBRID. CLEAN means just drag the rom to card and play. HYBRID means EZ5 supporting the modified rom for further function, include soft reset and cheat. It also provides improved compatiblity, such as boost the read speed.
8. Perfect FAT system support, automatic generate saver file. multi saver function available.
9. Use hardware flashchip saver, never lose your save.
10. Loader upgradable.
11. Homebrew support, IO lib will release on launch.
12. Support SDHC memeory card.

 EZVi Flash (Standard Edition)

 EZVi Flash (Standard Edition)


1 x EZVi Flash Card
1 x TF reader
1 x Touch Pen
1 x Finger Touch Pen


EZVi only support NDS games, if you want to play GBA games, please use EZ 3 in 1 expansion card together.

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