Sunday, November 9, 2008

NDS Lite 5in1 Multi-function Charger

NDS Lite multifunction 5in1 charger, Suitable forAC adaptor , car charger,USB charge cable, NDS battery charger, NDS Lite battery charger. With ther features of dapper appearance, stylish design and reasonable consturction, this multifunctional charger is suitable for NDS Lite and digital ommunication for its high reliability which may meet the international safety standard and radiation requirement.


-Compatible with NDS LITE/NDS battery and charge for NDS LITE/NDS/GBA SP console

-It can be used at home,office,public places and in the car.

-Match with UK version,EU version plug.You can use it in different countries regions.

-When it charges for NDS LITE/NDS/GBA SP console,the light indicator will change color to indicate if it is fully charged.

-With a USB to NDS LITE/NDS/GBA SP retractable charge cable,you can connect the USB output prot in the AC Adapter conveniently to charge.

-AC 110-240V design

 NDS Lite 5in1 Multi-function Charger

 NDS Lite 5in1 Multi-function Charger

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