Monday, October 6, 2008

PDC30 Handheld Game Console For Girl

PDC30 Handheld Game Console For Girl


Built-in 30 interesting games, no need to spend extra money on cards.

It's convenient to bring with and no trouble with plugging cards into it. You don't worry about bringing a lot of game cards with you.

Built-in six types of games. Children can be trained and improved by themselves while playing games.

All games are developed by outstanding manufactures united in Nation, funnier than before.

16 BIT high definition screen, comfortable visualness. It can minimize the eyestrain caused by long time game plays.

Access to TV, super-definition will bring more exciting game experience.

Ingenious design. It is convenient to take with. You can play it wherever you are.

Dual mode of power supply batteries. It can be supplied power by ordinary batteries while you are outside or be charged by 6V power adapter while you are at home.


PDC 30 handheld game console*1

AV cable*1

Chinese Manual*1

Game List:

Black Jack ,Slot machine,Roulette,F1 Racing,GT Racing,Rally Racing,Bowling,Crazy Moto,Diamond,Backyard Hoodle,Street boy,Q-Toon,Fun Match,North-Plot,Sub Explore,Battle Fighter,Mov-Box,Big fish,100 Floor,Cross River,PotPit,PickPic,Piggy's adventure,Annihilation Action,Joe Ma,Jewel Box, B,P,Sub War,Smart Match, BigFive


Batteries requirement (need to purchase separately): 3pcs of AAA size batteries.


7 days replacement, 3 months guarantee without any human damage.


Carton dimension:44.5cm*44cm*27.5cm

 PDC30 Handheld Game Console For Girl

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