Monday, May 19, 2008

Edge Flash Card,

EDGE Flash Card, Supoort MicroSDHC Cards

EDGE is a multi functional media adapter for NDS. It accepts MicroSD and MicroSDHC cards. EDGE allows use of Homebrew DS applications, multimedia (via Moonshell) and commercial NDS applications via the SD interface. EDGE is easy to use, just load the EDGE OS (download from support section) onto the MicroSD together with your favourite applications, plug into EDGE then insert the EDGE cartridge into the DS and you're ready to go!


  • Supports MicroSDHC cards up to 32GB
  • Plays Commercial NDS ROM
  • Plays Homebrew NDS ROMS
  • Touch to execute OS system
  • Works with Moonshell for multimedia playback such as movies and MP3's
  • Frequently updated OS for best compatibility
  • Action Replay compatible cheat system
  • Brighntess adjustment for NDSL
  • In game reset
  • Full download play support
  • Supports slot 2 expansions
  • Multi language user interface
  • Save game saves directly to Micro SD
  • Automatic save game type detection
  • Supports clean ROMs
  • Robust non-spring loaded Micro SD slot
  • Micro SDHC card reader included


  • 1 x EDGE Flash Card
  • 1 x Card Reader for MicroSD/TF

Software donload

You can get it at here:

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